CONTEMPORARY DESIGN (relevant style)

      What are some of the characteristics of todays Contemporary Design that you need to know?  I would like to share with you some simple ideas you should be aware of so that you can start to be more aware and see how they are working in our design culture.  
1.     Contemporary things are low profile, horizontal and simplistic (or minimalists).
2.     In Cabinetry it means you look at the shape of each cabinet grouping. On a wall of cabinetry you have the lowers and the uppers.  You look at the group of lowers as a single whole unit and the uppers as a separate single unit.  To make them seem as a single block or shape you need to use fewer doors and drawers and make them wider. Trying to create a more horizonal motion to your eye. The lower and upper groups should try to be or feel wider instead of taller.
3.     You can mix these ideas with almost any style to give a updated contemporary feel. So don’t block me out, thinking this does not apply to your style.  This should apply to almost anyone.  There are many tricks to get peoples eye to move horizontally.
4.     If you want to go full contemporary you may want to lean towards full overlay cabinets with flat panel doors. A more minimalist style.  Be aware full overlay is more expensive. One effect used that is very popular is linear wood grain making a cabinet section or design block seem a little more organic. Color, shape, texture, and dimension are all tools in the toolbox of design to create powerful affects.  
5.     There is much more to say, but this will get your eye to started in noticing what and why you are attracted to various designs and shapes. More to come.
6.     Feel free to email questions.

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